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AMG Alerts is the simple, elegant solution as an employee notification system for companies who want to reach their employees RIGHT NOW. Our customers do not require any special infrastructure of their own, and we provide all the tools for employee messaging in either e-mail, text, voice, or web.

Employee Notification

AMG Alerts is the employee alert system for employee notification in weather-related closings, amended operation hours, and security situations. The system may also be used for more routine employee communication and notification in situations where a company needs a more assertive form of communication than simple email may provide. We have even put together a short document on uses for an employee notification system. Or check it out on our Employee Messaging blog!

Disaster Recovery

Companies looking for a backup system in case of a wide-spread outage or complete system failure may remotely access our system and accomplish their employee notification in minutes. We even have capabilities for full-circle disaster recovery that includes response solicitation and reporting. Our partner companies offer physical and technical infrastructure backup as well!

Property Management

Both Residential and Commercial property managers use AMG Alerts as a tenant notification system to reach individuals and companies at specific properties, buildings, floors, or units in order to immediately communicate safety and security situations, or maintenance and infrastructure situations that affect their tenants.

Retail Support

Retail operations use AMG Alerts as an employee notification system to reach entire locations, individuals, or departments in order to immediately support changes in demand or hours issues caused by power interruptions and other unforeseen events.


Companies use our system to report infrastructure issues to their channel partners and customers. When a reporting or transaction system experiences an unforeseen interruption, our system is used to reduce the effect on their external customers.

AMG Alerts Platfoms
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