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How It Works

So how does AMG Alerts work? Simply! It’s easy to set up (it takes TWO steps!) and easy to use. There is a one annual maintenance fee, and that covers most of the common mass notification system applications institutions have.

Step One – Sign Up

Sign up. This process involves putting in your own information, as well as the access credentials you’d like to use. Then there is a billing section to input that information. Lastly, in Step One, you will be asked to define your broad categories – how or if you’d like to broadly section off your user base for more selective alerting and information management. An example in a school environment would be "Students", "Parents", and "Staff." In a manufacturing application it might be "Administration", "Safety", "Plant", and "HR". Once you have signed up, you may define additional information fields to "filter" your alert launches even further, perhaps by facility, or activity.

Then you’re done! You’ll be directed to a Control Panel page where you can start administering your Subscribers (users). You will also receive an e-mail reviewing your login credentials and account information.

Step Two – Add Subscribers

The most popular and convenient, method of populating your Subscriber database is to publish a special link (via your web site, an e-mail, or other method) that we provide for you as part of the service, to a Subscriber profile input page we host for you. All your Subscribers need to do is enter their information. At that time, if you wish, they will receive a "welcome" e-mail with their User Key - a link that they can use to maintain their contact data over time. This makes your database self-populating and self-maintaining!

In addition to the easy link method, Subscribers may also be added one at a time, or a list of subscribers (typically in Excel/.csv format) can be uploaded to the system. We also publish simple tools for adding and modifying Subscriber data that may be integrated with your current systems.

Optionally, our Data Services group will be happy to initially input your Subscriber information for you! Then all you will need to do is maintain it. And of course, that is easy to do with the tools built right into AMGAlerts.

We can also build automation so that information seamlessly flows between your own existing system and AMG Alerts.

That’s it! You are now ready to broadcast if it is necessary, from anywhere, at any time, and if you are using the portals to manage your Subscribers, the system rarely needs to be touched.

Broadcasting Notifications

Generating an alert is a simple process, and of course because our system is 100% web-based, it may be done from anywhere. Just go to Launch Control, and select the categories and the communication method(s), along with other filtering you have set up. You'll be taken to a summary screen for the alert where you may type in the message, or simply use one of your own pre-defined messages. Press "Launch", and your message will go out to hundreds or thousands in just minutes.

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