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AMG Alerts is a great school notification system for alerting parents, students and employees of security situations and school closing information.

Our turn-key setup means that your school alert system may be up in just a day. Students and/or parents enjoy the capability of logging in and establishing and managing their own profiles. A school needs only to announce their new capability. We do everything else!

We also have a variety of options for integrating with existing systems, from simple uploading and internet APIs, to more complex data management.

Along with this assertive, quick communication, you can still update social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, as well as your own web site, with NO extra steps. You can even support destop alerting seamlessly within your AMG Alerts application. And the system still can be set up in as little as a day!

AMG Alerts fits well within the budget of virtually any educational institution. The simplicity we offer makes this the perfect school notification system for entire institutions or even just specific departments. It's also a perfect school alert system for multi-location institutions.

AMG Alerts Platfoms
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