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Let's Get Started!

There are only a few steps required to establish an account and be ready to go:

Step One – Input your institution information

This is simply your Administrative contact information, preferred login and security question. You will also provide Accounts Payable information for billing purposes.

Step Two – Determine Membership Level and Billing Method

Here, you will choose the rough number of Subscribers (recipients) you'll have, as well of billing method. There are no contracts to sign - just one simple fee that covers you for a year.

AMGAlerts is inexpensive. Pricing starts at $500 per year and is dependent on the number of Subscribers in your system and the amount and type of messaging you plan to do. There is even a Subscriber-paid version that allows institutions to operate the system free of ANY cost!

Step Three - Confirm your Selections

You will see a Review screen that allows you to review all of your selections before submitting the final billing information. Just submit it and you'll be ready for the final step.

Last Step - Choose your Categories

You can now roughly classify your Subscribers. Examples might be "Student", "Parent", "Faculty", or possibly "Office", "Plant", "Executive". These are high-level informational buckets, and within these, you may add other fields which may contain unlimited choices, for extremely focused messaging.

Sign Up! (Requires Promo Code - please contact us!)

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