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Tenant Alert System

AMG Alerts is a great solution as a tenant alert system and tenant messaging system for both Residential and Commercial property management.

Our external portals allow tenants to set up and maintain their own communication preferences, and of course we provide alternative methods to manage information.

The data may be segmented by location, building, floor, or even tenant type.

Typical tenant communication includes information about:

  • • Security issues that concern tenants/residents such as suspicious people, police activity, unusual odors, smoke, suspicious odors.
  • • Infrastructure issues such as HVAC malfunctions, power outages, lighting problems
  • • Maintenance events such as painting, remodeling, or parking lot resurfacing
  • • Upcoming social events
  • • Routine communications on policy changes, rules and regulations reminders, and deadlines

Contact Us for a demo of our easy-to-use system!

AMG Alerts Platfoms
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  • 180 N LaSalle St, Suite 3700
  • Chicago, IL 60601