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What is it?

AMG Alerts is a subscription-based private mass notification system used by our Member clients to communicate time-sensitive information to important members of their organizations using any combination of Text messaging, Email, Web, or Voice.

Your administrator will have the tools to launch alerts to groups, or defined subgroups, of your recipient database, using the best mode available.

The administrator will also be able to send reminder alerts to recipients (also known as "Subscribers" on our system) either individually or as a group to request information updates. Subscribers can log in with a single click and update their information.

To populate your Subscriber database, you may:

  • Publish a link via your web site or e-mail to the built-in contact profile portal(s) supplied as part of your account. Your Subscribers may enter (and maintain) their own information!
  • Upload a text file based on a supplied Excel template
  • Enter the data manually through the interface
  • Use our simple API along with your own current system
  • Let our Data Services group manage the database input for you.

Mass Notifications

Are generally broadcast by Member organizations in the case of safety issues, facility closings or amended operating hours, or other time-sensitive issues that bear on the safety and convenience of your Subscribers

  • Administrators in educational facilities can issue time-sensitive alerts to students, parents or emergency contacts, and/or faculty in just a few minutes.
  • Non-educational organizations may broadcast alerts to employees or other members. The recipient population can be broken into subgroups for selective alerting.

Three versions available!

  • AMG Alerts Standard: Full featured system
  • AMG Alerts Lite: Lower cost, no Voice alerting, no alerts disposition reporting
  • AMG Alerts Subscriber-Paid: ZERO cost to the institution, Subscribers pay small annual fee, same features as Standard
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